Becky Levinski

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Neurologic Music Therapist

Becky Levinski received her Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology from the University of Minnesota Duluth and went on to complete her Music Therapy Equivalency from Augsburg University in Minneapolis where he is currently working on her master’s thesis centered around legacy creation, life review, and reminiscence with patients in Hospice Care. Becky completed her 1,000-hour music therapy internship training at Park Nicollet Methodist hospital. During this internship she worked in inpatient, oncology, home hospice settings, as well as Struthers Parkinson’s Center, and Melrose Center for eating disorders. Additionally, Becky is a member of the American Music Therapy Association and Music Therapy Association of Minnesota.

Becky discovered her passion after observing a music therapist while working in a day treatment program with children with Autism. The physical, social, and cognitive changes that occurred for the children receiving music therapy was eye-opening and inspiring. While continuing her education, Becky discovered more about music therapy with the many different populations and settings that can benefit. Her desire to use music to make a difference continued to grow as she utilized life review and reminiscence with hospice and palliative care patients to help conserve a patient’s dignity, increase cognition, improve mood, increase socialization, and overall benefit the patient’s quality of life.

Becky has experience with a variety of clients from adults in memory care, hospice and palliative care, to assisted living. With additional work in hospital settings as well as children in pediatric and NICU settings, mental health, and special education classrooms, she has witnessed the power of music with many populations. Becky is looking forward to utilizing music to empower and motivate clients to progress towards their unique and individualized goals. It is an honor and a privilege to support a client’s journey within music therapy and she is excited to continue to learn and grow through Living Spirit Therapy Services.