Annie Majure

Annie Majure


Neurologic Music Therapist

Annie Majure, is a board certified music therapist who has always loved to sing and has never been shy. When she was in third grade she stood up and sang the Star Spangled Banner to the whole class. At the end of the day, her teacher gave her a pamphlet for a choir her son was in. She joined the next month and participated in that group for the next 10 years. She played the saxophone in band and marching band, was a section leader, a drum major, and her passion continued to push her to learn how to play the tuba as well. The band community is one she couldn’t have gone without. She was also in the Hawkeye Marching Band in college.  

Over the years her participation in music lead to lifelong friends, a love of learning, personal growth, self-expression, countless laughs, and now a career. When she was introduced to music therapy, she felt like it was tailored to her. She didn’t need journals of evidence to tell her that music has the power to heal; she knew what music did for her, and the opportunity to use something she loved to help others seemed too good to be true.

While at the University of Iowa, she had the opportunity to work with children and adults with a variety of intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and people with chronic severe mental health needs. There is much to learn and accomplish with each population and individual, but she is extremely passionate about working with older adults. When she was first experimenting with careers, Annie became a CNA on a memory care unit in a local long term care facility. She admired getting to hear about the full lives each individual had lived. Her biggest love is showing people how capable they are, and to help them find success in ways they haven’t before.

Success looks different for everyone, and she takes great pleasure in helping people find it. She was lucky enough to work with many wonderful people during her 1040 hour internship at Oaknoll Retirment Residence in Iowa City, IA. Her internship was not only a wonderful learning experience, but solidified what she already knew about music, there is nothing it cannot do.